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star: David Wilmot. country: UK. . 7,5 / 10 Stars. directed by: Glenn Leyburn. Owen McCafferty. Ordinary love sade lyrics. Ordinary love hewitt. Ordinary love acoustic. Something went wrong, but don’t fret — let’s give it another shot. Ordinary lovely. Lesbian daughter. I suppose there were signs that my daughter was lesbian, perhaps I just chose to ignore them. I accepted it by now and I didn’t love her any less. It was not easy raising Amanda alone. I blame her cheating father for most of the problems, actually all of them! At 17, she was becoming more difficult to deal with. Amanda was beautiful, a straight A student, very active in sports, especially soccer and basketball. She had friends now that I didn’t particularly approve of. There was one girl, Raven, she was into this thing called “Goth”. Straight black hair over one eye, black lipstick and black fingernail polish. Body piercings, always wore black knee high lace up boots and black clothes. Amanda and Raven were so different from one another. I didn’t know how they could be friends. Another girl, Traci, was more like Amanda, bright, beautiful and a lot more normal. I just assumed it was part of being a teenager. Maybe she made friends with Raven just to irradiate me, I don’t know. I was very young when I had Amanda, only 21. I divorced her father when she was 11 and I have tried to be a good mother. I own two retail clothes boutiques which are well managed by my staff. I always had time for Amanda. I was at every basketball and soccer game she played in. Now, at seventeen, I was suddenly in her “space” trying to control her every move. I didn't want a huge mother daughter fight, so I tried to give her room. I was never sure if all her friends were lesbian or not, but really didn’t care. I always allowed the usual teenage sleep overs and didn’t interfere. Weather it was at our house or at someone else’s. On the positive side, I didn't have to worry about her getting pregnant. Boys were not a part of her agenda. It was the start of high school that year, when I met Raven. When I asked Amanda about Raven, I was suddenly controlling her whole life and in her space again. Raven was so, opposite of the other girls. One day, after school Amanda and Raven came home together. They went to Amanda's room, but for only a few minutes. I was in the kitchen when they walked in. “Me and Raven are going to Traci's house for a while. ” “Ok. Be back in time for dinner. ” It was about a half hour later I heard a knock at the door. I opened it, and there stood Raven. She casually stepped inside. “Hi, Mrs. Baker. ” I was surprised. “I thought you and Amanda were at Traci's. ” “Amanda is. I thought you and I should talk alone. ” I closed the door. “About what? ” I followed Raven into the living room. “About why you don't like me. ” “Who said I didn't like you? ” “No one has to say. I can tell just by looking at you. I scare you. ” I stepped back and looked at her. “What? What ever gave you that idea? ” “You don't understand me. I don’t fit and that makes you afraid. ” It was awkward, I suppose because what she said was true. I didn't understand her, she looked strange, and she did frighten me. “Well, I'm sorry if you feel that way. I really don't have any reason to dislike you... ” Raven stepped in close to me, her lips almost touching mine. “You find me attractive because you can't label me. ” I backed away from her. “Excuse me? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. ” Raven grabbed my shoulders and kissed me firmly on the lips, darting her tongue into my mouth. I was completely shocked with behavior. I quickly pushed her back. “Why did you do that? What’s wrong with you? ” “I did it because I wanted to, and you wanted me to. ” She was ridiculous, I was searching for something to say. Raven pulled open my blouse and that did frighten me. She pulled my blouse off and then my bra. She pulled a pair of hand cuffs from her purse and cuffed my hands behind my back. “ are you doing, Raven? Please! Stop this! Let me go. ” Her hands cupped my breasts, her thumbs rubbed across my nipples. “Very nice, Mrs. You are a very beautiful woman? ” I tried to speak up, but she kissed me again firmly on the lips, running her tongue around inside my mouth. It sent shivers through my body. I felt her hands unfasten my skirt, letting it drop. She pulled down my pantyhose. “If you weren't always staring at me, we wouldn't be here now. ” “Stop! That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. If I did stare at you, it was because you looked so out of the ordinary. ” Raven gave me a soft kiss on the lips. “You had to know why I was so different. ” “No, that’s not true! ” Raven forced me down on my knees, yanked my panties off and tied a gag in my mouth. I was never in such a helpless position before, and feeling so vulnerable. Raven knelt down beside me “You know what excites me about you, Mrs. Baker? ” Her hand rubbed across my bare butt, then her fingers touched my labia. “You are all woman. Feminine as you can be. You know what your kind of woman is good for? ” I quickly shook my head as I struggled to free myself. She licked my lips with her tongue. “They’re good for loving. ” Her fingers began to play with my nipples, pinching and pulling on them. “I love your nipples, stubby and round. They feel so good between my fingers. ” Strangely enough, the more humiliated I was, the more submissive I became. The more Raven played with my nipples the more aroused I became. Her hand slid down and parted my labia, her fingers easily sliding inside. “Mrs. Baker, your pussy is so wet! ” I was feeling so humiliated, her fingers went right to my clit. She was masturbating me right there on the floor. The last person to touch me down there was my husband, and that was such a long time ago. Raven was driving me insane, to the point I screamed through the gag. Her fingers rubbing against clit, causing one orgasm after another. I laid limp on the floor, watching Raven lick her fingers in front of me. You taste so sweet. I could do this to you all day long. ” She had taken all my resistance. I didn't think anything could be more humiliating, but I was wrong. The front door opened and Amanda walked into the living room. I wanted to crawl into a hole and die! Amanda casually sat down on the sofa staring down at me. I couldn’t even look her in the eyes. “Well, mom! What do you think of Raven now? ” I had no answer for her, I just laid there, tied up naked in front of her. Raven stroked my hair as she looked at Amber. “Your mom is very hot. I love kissing her. Her boobs are so nice and soft. Did you ever feel them? ” Amanda shook her head. “No, I never touched my mom inappropriately. The last time we were naked together was when I was around 12. We would take showers together. ” Raven pulled Amanda up from the sofa. “Go ahead, feel her all you want. Her pussy is really wet, because I masturbated her a few times. ” Amanda's reached over and held my head in her hands. “If you don’t want me to touch you, shake your head. I will never touch you if you don’t allow it. I love you too much. ” I shook my head once. Raven stripped off her clothes and pulled me over to her. She opened her legs for me to see her shaved pussy was glistening with moisture. She removed the gag and pulled my face into her crotch. “Show me what a real woman can do, Mrs. ” My humiliation was driving me deeper into submission. At this point, I accepted any command she gave. My tongue found her sweet button, and she heaved forward as I touched it. I could feel her body shake and quiver under my touch, and I liked the feeling. From the corner of my eye, I could see Amanda watching. She was naked and playing with her wet, teenage pussy. Suddenly I heard Raven squeal, then scream. Her head snapped back as the orgasm overtook her. “OH, Fuck! OH, Fuck. Oh, my GOD! YES! YES! ” Raven pulled my head away. Amanda was giving herself an orgasm on the sofa. I was kneeling on the floor, my hands still cuffed behind my back. I watched the girls dress, then Raven walked over to me and held my chin in her hand. “You are so beautiful, Mrs. Naked and on your knees. I wish I could keep you like this all the time. ” Raven reached around an uncuffed my hands, putting the cuffs in her pocket and walking out the door. I stood in the shower, letting the hot water dance over my body. I was trying to get my brain around what happened tonight. It was something that never should have happened in a million years. I lathered my pussy with soap, remembering how wonderful Raven's fingers felt when they were inside me; masturbating me. Looking back, I was beginning to doubt my own sanity. I was ashamed by the fact that I actually enjoyed the experience. I didn't know if I could face Amanda again. I dried myself and came out of the bathroom. Amanda was sitting on my bed. I shook my head. “I don’t know how to begin to apologize to you, Amanda. You should never have been a part of that. ” Amanda stood up and quickly changed the subject. She held me and kissed me on the lips. “Remember, tomorrow is Saturday. You and I are going shopping at the mall. You promised, remember? ” I smiled and nodded. “Yes, sweetheart. I remember. You want new soccer shoes. ” I remained silent and avoided any eye contact with Amanda as we drove to the mall. Amanda spoke first. “So, mom? What was it like being tied up naked like that? ” I took a deep breath, still avoiding eye contact. “I don't want to discuss that. We need to put that behind us. Forget it happened. ” Amanda looked over at me. “I know your not a lesbian, mom. But, you did look like you enjoyed being with Raven. You looked better than you have in years. ” I snapped back. “Please, Amanda. Can you just forget it? I don’t want to talk about it. So, leave it be. ” Amanda and I remained silent for the rest of the drive to the mall. Amanda pointed. “I wanna go to the music store first. ” “Ok, I'll wait out here for you. And, don’t spend a lot. ” I turned in time to see Raven and some of her friends coming my way. Suddenly I felt as if I was having a panic attack. My heart began to beat faster and my breath quickened. I didn't know why Raven had such a profound effect on me. I guess she was right, I was afraid of her, and I was ashamed at what I let her do. How are you? ” I glanced at her for a second before looking away. “I'm fine, Raven. ” She pointed to her two friends. “This is Echo and this is Willow. ” She turned back to me. “This is Amanda's mom, Judith Baker. ” I thought, where do these girls come up with these strange names?. I smiled at them. “Nice to meet you both. ” “We're going to the food court. You wanna come with us? ” “No. Amanda is in the music store. I told her I’d wait for her. ” Raven turned to Willow. “Got inside and tell Amanda her mom is going to the food court with us. ” Raven wrapped her around me, shuffling me toward the food court. “Listen, Raven! I really don't want to go there. ” “Mrs. Do you really want to make a scene in the mall with a couple of 17 year old girls? What will the neighbors think? ” She was right, I took a deep breath and allowed her to escort me to the food court. We sat in a half round booth, Raven on one side of me and Echo on the other. A few seconds later Willow joined us. “I told Amanda. She said she would meet up with us here. ” I felt like I was a prisoner between those girls. Suddenly, two more young girls joined us. Raven smiled. “Oh, this is Luna and Mist. This is Amanda's mom, Judith Baker. ” Luna had blue hair, Mist had green hair, and they never stopped chewing their gum. Raven leaned over and whispered in my ear. “I sense you are still afraid of me. Is that true? ” I shook my head. “Please, don’t. Not here. ” Raven waved her hand. “Hey, girls! We’ll hang later. At the arcade. ” The four girls got up and left us alone. Raven leaned in and kissed me quickly on the cheek. “You're embarrassed and shy. That’s so feminine and I love it. ” I turned away. “Will you stop. ” I gathered up all the strength I could muster. “Raven. I don't think you should come to my house again. What happened between us, I don’t want it to happen again. Please understand me. ” I felt her hand on my inner thigh as she smiled. “Why are you breathing much faster and much heavier? ” She was right, anxiety was coming over me again. Raven kept her hand in my thigh. “I'll come by tonight, and we can talk it out. ” I took her hand off my thigh. “Please, Raven! Don't make me do something I'll regret. ” She smiled at me with those perfect white teeth. “I've already done that. I masturbated you, remember? ” Now, my anxiety was replaced by humiliation, and I was becoming submissive. Raven whispered in my ear again. “Wear something that’s totally feminine. And, that perfume you wear that makes you smell so yummy. ” She got up and disappeared into the crowd of people. I saw Amanda approaching, she sat down beside me. She placed the bag on the table. “Where is Raven? ” I quickly replied. “Please don't invite her to our house anymore. ” “Why? ” “Because. I don't want her there. ” Amanda took my hand. “It's because of what she did, isn't it? ” I was becoming confused, I changed the subject “Will you be home tonight? ” Amanda shook her head. “No. Traci and me are going to the movies. Remember, you said it was ok when I asked you last week. ” I smiled, because I had forgotten. “Well, I can go with you, can't I? ” Amanda gave me a blank stare. “I can't go to the movies with my mom. I'd be the laughingstock of the school. I could never show my face again. ” Amanda left for the movies, now I was alone in the house. Part of me wanted to lock all the doors, turn out the lights and hide in the closet. That would be childish, so I decided to go out and have dinner by myself. I grabbed my purse, the car keys and opened the door. There stood Raven, with a big smile on her face. “Going somewhere? ” I swallowed hard. “Oh, yes, out to dinner with a friend. ” Raven pushed me back inside. “Really? No need. I can make you dinner right here. I can even give desert. ” I shook my head. “Please, Raven... ” She closed the door and locked it. “You look so beautiful. Your smell drives me crazy. ” How quickly she turned me into that submissive mood. She kissed me on the lips, on the neck, on my shoulders, while she removed my clothes. She kissed me over and over as she cuffed my hands behind my back. Raven stepped back. “Spread you legs and put your boobs out. ” I wanted to shout NO, instead I obeyed her orders. Raven smiled at me. “I think you love to be submissive. ” She reached in her coat pocket and pulled out a red ball gag, a black leather collar and a leash. She put the ball gag in my mouth, then the collar around my neck and clipped the leash to the collar. She gave the leash a tug. “Lets go find a mirror so you can see how gorgeous you look. ” We stood in my bedroom, in front of the full length closet mirrors. I was aroused by what I saw. Big red ball in my mouth, dog collar around my neck with Raven holding the leash. She tugged the leash again. “Spread your legs! ” I stood in front of the mirror, legs open while Raven felt my boobs and my pussy. She brought her fingers up to her mouth and sucked on them. Raven tugged the leash again. “Bend over. See your boobs hanging down. Your ass and your pussy are wide open. You look perfectly nasty. ” I don’t know what it was about the word, nasty, but it really turned me on. Raven led me into the bathroom. “I’m going to put your hair in a pony tail. I like pony tails look good on nasty girls. ” She pulled me back in front of the mirror. “Get on your knees! Spread wide open. Put your chest out. ” Raven began playing with my boobs and it was sending shock waved straight to my pussy. She wanted to make me dripping wet and she succeeded. She grabbed my pony tail and pulled my head back. Her emerald eyes could almost hypnotize me. “Get up on the bed. ” She tied my feet wide apart to the bed posts. She cuffed my hands to the top bed rail. She stripped off her clothes, grabbed a vibrator and a dildo, then climbed onto the bed. She rubbed her hands up and down my body several minutes, smiling down at me. “I’m going to love you like nobody ever has. I’m going to make you squirt so many times, there won’t be a drop of liquid left in you. Then, with the vibrator, we’ll see how many more times I can make you cum. ” I don’t remember how many orgasms came and went that night. I know I lost control of my arms and legs several times, just as my brain exploded. I’m glad Raven put the ball gag in my mouth, because I never screamed so much in all my life. The vibrator was almost more than I could stand. Raven knew were to put it and how long to hold it there. She gave me the biggest orgasms I ever had. She untied me, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me over and over until I fell asleep. I woke up in the morning, next to her still in her arms. Raven and I stood in the shower, the hot water running over us. Her hands were so soft and gentle as she washed my back. Her soapy hand slid down the crack of my butt. I arched my back and stuck my ass out, so she could feel my womanhood. She washed the front of me, then pushed me down on my knees. She pulled the wet hair away from my face. “Do you remember whose property you are? ” I smiled up at her and nodded. “Yes, Raven. I am your property. ” Amanda is in college now, living in a sorority house. Just Raven and me living at home. When I come home, I strip off my clothes, put on my collar and leash and wait for her to do whatever she likes with me. After all, I am her property now. END.

Ordinary love movie review. Ordinary love film review. Ordinary love ben rector.

2019 still rocking with my girl legendary

Ordinary love u2 lyrics. Ordinary love live. The keyboard/piano reminds me of Adele tunes. Forever and always my fave 🥰get chills through my spine listening to this, timeless, wish the music nowadays sounded as nice as this 🙏. Ordinary love text. U2 ordinary love. [00:00:00] Tonight on the curse of Oak Island, whatever this is event here. Wow. Ooh, it's an an accent. This house could be a weapon at sample came out the 1741 what the hell does that fit with the raids on portraits? Lewisburg. Paul, Rick. Look at this one. Drain system looks like flood tunnel or Bach strains. Whoa. [00:00:24] We're uncovering something here that people haven't seen for hundreds of years. [00:00:31] There is an Island in the North Atlantic where people have been looking for an incredible treasure. For more than 200 years. So far, they have found a stone slab with strange symbols carved into it. Mysterious fragments of human bone and the led cross whose origin may stretch back to the days of the Knights Templar today. [00:00:58] Six men have died trying [00:01:00] to solve the mystery, and according to legend, one more will have to die before the treasure can be found. A Tom Olin? Could it be? [00:01:22] Let's see what we've got. [00:01:28] There was a lot of water in here. Certainly rules in the aftermath of a powerful hurricane, which hit Oak Island and the surrounding region with winds of nearly 100 miles per hour. Downing trees and causing structural damage across the Island. Brothers, Rick and Marty Latina are eagerly trying to put their search efforts back on track. [00:01:57] Our escalation area was full. We're making headway. [00:02:00] I think we're still in good shape. I think we are. Hurricane Dorian also completely filled the recently drained swamp with ocean water. 14 the team's efforts to investigate the mysterious stone paved pathway that was discovered earlier this year after the extensive pumping we did, we are currently back to square one in the swamp. [00:02:23] That's problematic. We've got to drain it as quickly as we can and hope the weather holds. Just working out, Scott, I think that, you know, it's, it's going to be wet no matter how long we wait, so I think we're just going to have to let this settle out and then pump down. I'd say two to three days before we get in here. [00:02:39] They are too old, like a big difference here. Yup. Um, but the real impact is going to be this place really that paved area. That's right. So this is critical. If we can get this dry to the point where we can at least investigate a 10 by 20 area, come to some understanding of what it may or may not be, whether it's natural or artificial. [00:02:59] I agree with [00:03:00] that. Every day is a new day. Do what we can and move forward. Later that same day as the pumping operation at the Oak Island swamp continues. Hey guys, Rick and Marty gather with other members of their team for an important meeting in the war room. Joining them via video conference is Rick and Marty's partner Craig tester. [00:03:28] Okay, so you know, today is Marty favorite day. It's about science getting results. Um, Craig has some very interesting results, uh, bought our working Smith's coat, and it's about dendrochronology, which I'm hoping that there'll be some really definitive answers here. Yeah. Boy, we want to get a piece of dander off that for dendro testing. [00:03:54] One week ago, after fully exposing a mysterious long structure in what has become [00:04:00] known as the bump out area, the team obtained a large sample to be tested through a process known as dendrochronology. Perfect. There you go. Which analyzes growth rings on wood in an effort to determine. Not only the age of a tree, but also when it was cut for use in construction. [00:04:20] It was this process that determined that the wooden slipway on earth last year was most likely built in 1769 nearly three decades before the discovery of the original money pit in 1, 795 now that the team has discovered an additional structure. They are eager to find out if it could have been built during the same period or perhaps even earlier and make us happy. [00:04:47] Okay. Well, we had one sample that we, uh, sent to, uh, Collin LA rock to do the dendro chronology. He said it's a or red spruce. Um, [00:05:00] it's a little scratcher. Oh, 1741 1741 is it possible that the structure was built more than two decades before the nearby slipway knocked me upside the head with a fish? You know, it's just amazing. [00:05:19] It's amazing. 1741 now I'm surprised. I thought the, the day two would be contemporaneous with theU shaped structure. I really did. In 1741 there was virtually nobody. I mean, if you look at the foundings of these towns, none of them are that old or what's going on here in 1741 according to his Storico records, prior to 1795 Oak Island was virtually uninhabited. [00:05:49] Other than it's occasional use by local farmers. Who would ferry livestock over to the Island so that they could graze without the need offenses. There were no reported activities that would require [00:06:00] anything as elaborate as a large slipway or loading dock. Could it be that this long structure was built by the same mysterious visitors who constructed the money pit, perhaps for the purpose of unloading and burying something of great importance on the Island? [00:06:17] Well, I know 17 onwards. Whoa, though. What the hell is that? Fit with pushing it back further in time. What was happening here in 41 not a lot, right? Well, there were the raids on portraits. Lewisburg, they lost portraits, Lewisburg to the British before 1746 so I mean, we could look closer at those dates because maybe the fringe, I think we need to look at the need to hide something. [00:06:42] Yeah. Chip Reed, who is a military historian filled. So right earlier this year, Naval historian and author chip Reed presented Rick, Marty, Craig, and the team with an astonishing theory, one suggesting that the incredible structures [00:07:00] uncovered at Smiths Cove could be connected to an early 18th century French Ford located some 300 miles Northeast of Oak Island and which contains similar features. [00:07:10] And tunnels. If we look at these structures, I don't know if this structure looks familiar in any way. Well, that's the old shade structure. Yet it was chip Reed's belief that the French, while preparing for a British siege on Lewisburg in 1745 might have secretly moved a vast fortune in golden riches to Oak Island. [00:07:34] For safekeeping a fortune, which following their defeat was never recovered. Could crank testers knows that the wood sample dates back as far as the 1740s provide scientific evidence that she breached theory might be true. So I think the trip to Fort Lewisburg can help us try to come to an understanding of what may have happened here. [00:07:56] Yeah. That's what I'm thinking. So if a bumper was [00:08:00] a success, we'd never have known this day. That's for a guest side. Oh yeah. I mean, this is certainly their absolute earliest date we've ever had regarding any activity other than the cross. Somebody can drop a coin from a long time ago. Nobody dropped that log. [00:08:16] Exactly. Didn't fall down by itself and dig. It fell five feet in the ground either. [00:08:23] I've always said, you have to look backwards in order to move forward. We keep going deeper and deeper in the weeds. I like it. Okay. Because remember when we first stepped foot on here, I said, find me concrete evidence of substantial human activity. I said underground, but if you take the word underground out prior to the discovery, the money pit, and you know what you did it something rather massive happened here, at least in 1741 for me, that's a big deal. [00:08:53] For the longest time I thought maybe nothing happened here prior to 1795 I think it was a [00:09:00] success the way I look at it, because we got good data and I'm happy that he thinks it was a success, as diluted as he might be. Let's deal with it and try and put it in context and move forward. Let's go. Yeah, see it. [00:09:17] Great. Thank you. [00:09:24] As a new day begins on Oak Island, and as the team continues their efforts to retrain the swamp, we've got a nice day for the visit. It's beautiful. Rick Levina and historian Doug Kroll are traveling some 300 miles Northeast of Oak Island. To the town of Louisburg Nova Scotia. They are eager to explore firsthand the 18th century French fortress, which according to Naples historian and author chip Reed has a direct connection to Oak Island and it's 225 year old treasure mystery. [00:10:01] [00:10:00] If there was French Baldman on Oak Island here we have some examples of their engineering undergrads. At the time, the French had completed construction of the fortress at Lewisburg in 1740 it was considered a monument to 18th century military engineering with over two miles of stone walls, which were built as much as 30 feet high and eight feet thick. [00:10:26] But perhaps one of the installations, most compelling features is the vast network of secret tunnels that were constructed beneath it. Tunnels, which Rick and Doug believe may contain design or construction similarities to those found on Oak Island. [00:10:46] We now have two structures on the Island that were quite laborious in terms of their construct, right. Lewisburg wasn't, it started in 1713 and then it falls in [00:11:00] 1745. Well, when you look at the date, so we got through dendrochronology this year, or the end of the warfare, the end of the subway date, the 1741. [00:11:10] You're right in the heyday of Lewisburg. In fact, uh, I believe it was, uh, John Baptist de LA Rochefoucauld called the Duke Danville. It was my understand that's where the Duke dongle is buried. And that's interesting. It is. In 1746 one year after Louisburg fell to British military forces, the French sent a massive Armada to Nova Scotia in an attempt to seize back their conquered fortress led by the Duke dome. [00:11:42] V a member of the same Rochelle called family that boasted direct ties to the Knights Templar. The 97 ship fleet was reportedly carrying a treasure in gold and jewels, presumably in order to finance a local army. [00:12:00] Unfortunately, before the ambitious operation could be carried out, a series of severe storms delayed and plagued the doomed mission typhus and scurvy. [00:12:11] Quickly spread among the soldiers and sailors causing hundreds to die at sea, including the Duke dome V himself. I found eight pages of what looks like a ship's log. According to a recently discovered journal, the Duke's crew after his death was able to hide the treasury was carrying on a wooded Island in Mahoen Bay in hopes of keeping it out of the hands of the British. [00:12:38] It has been agreed that a deep pit dug. The pit to have a secret entrance by a tunnel from the shore, and I mean a great quantity of treasure, and they appear to be in this Bay. I mean, it fits in every aspect. Exactly. Could it be that the surviving members of the Duke Don V's mission. Chose Oak Island, not by accident, but [00:13:00] because they knew that a vast treasure vault had already been built there. [00:13:04] One that was established centuries earlier by members of the Knights Templar. Lewisburg is a fascinating place and there's incredible history there. Duke veal is buried there who made P part of a hypothetical reason. As to what was done here on Ocala. I mean, we're not that far away, but I look forward to just actually just seeing it. [00:13:28] Yes. I hope there's some answers here. That's my hope. As Rick and Doug continued their journey to Lewisburg. All right, and here's. Lot 27 yup. Jack Bagley, Peter Fornetti and metal detection expert. Gary Drayton continued to search for clues on Oak Island lot 27 alright, mate, we've got the magic wand. [00:13:52] Let's make some magic. [00:13:58] size it up as chunky. [00:14:00] Yeah. An FD chisel. It was on this same lot seven weeks ago that Gary, Jack and Peter discovered what was later identified as an ancient chisel, but chisel that Gary believes could be connected to the 14th century tumbling tools known as wages that were found on lot 21 because the recent hurricane battered and stirred up the Island service. [00:14:26] Gary is eager to search the area once again in the hopes of finding any newly exposed clues or valuable artifacts. It's a good place to start. Area to find some good stuff. [00:14:52] You don't want to go for it. Don't, don't feeling any love at the moment. [00:15:00] Something, yeah. This is a nice repeatable signal. Go ahead. Dig that. Like [00:15:19] clever is Excel. [00:15:28] well, we go in there. That is nice. A bit of cool led. Hmm. No worries. Good. Let me find cute led on old sites to have a Gander. What's that little knob for? Yeah, that little knob reminds me of a sprue when they make Muskett bulls. So they would pull them in a mold and then they would snip to all the musket balls off on the line, and this would have just got thrown away. [00:15:56] It's old. It's seventeens only 18 onwards. [00:16:00] A musket ball dating as far back as the 17 hundreds is it possible that the team has just found another piece of physical evidence supporting ship reach theory about the French military burying treasure on Oak Island in the early 1740s. Maybe there was some sort of military force on Oak Island. [00:16:21] We know that there were French here, so maybe we'll find more evidence of the area to be able to pin down exactly who it was. Oh, chips. Let's see what's on the beach. All right, we will follow you. Nice low tide. There's a lot of lower beach expos. This looks good. I'm going to stat zigzag and Danae. [00:16:56] That sounds fairly good. It's just a, yeah. Don't say that. Say Beth, [00:17:03] [00:17:00] whatever. This has been here a while. You got that ride Jack, that Jeep that's got lung detected a lot. I lied. I look at that. Take it real easy, mate. Oh my God. I liked the look of this look. You see what I'm seeing? I'm going to have to get down and dirty on this for Mike. Alright, let's scrape some stuff up. [00:17:30] Could be a good one. Watch your fingers. It could be shot. Look alive. What the heck is that? Is that it? Wow. It's an encrypted conglomerate, so there's something inside of that. That's nice. I knew. Who knows what's in this. [00:17:56] Oh, what's that? It's just a big conglomerate. [00:18:00] It could be anything in a while, exploring the beach on lock, 27 metal detection expert and Gary Trayvin, along with Jack Begley and Peter for Nettie, have just made what could be an important discovery. You never know what seeing something like this. That's why it's called [00:18:17] And then crucified object. Now what happens is an assault war environment, all the sand and the shells, they becoming crusted onto the piece of iron to salvage. Guys love these on the shipwrecks because they bring them up and they find gold and silver, mainly coins attached to the eye and object. And that looks to me like an artifact. [00:18:41] Oh Lord, I can see the shape if it, that's an old ax, and that could be an old act. So as well, and you know what? Yeah, this could be either a tool or a weapon, and you're right, it goes, yeah, it's an asset. That looks like an old as well. [00:19:00] This is 17 hundreds baby going to be older than 1700 it really could. [00:19:05] This could be older than 17 hundreds could be, for example, a ship's rigging. A rigging ax dating back to the early 18th century, or even older, commonly kept on board large sailing vessels. A riggingX was used for everyday maintenance and safety while at sea, as well as to gather new materials for construction when a shore could this rigging app. [00:19:33] Be evidence of a ship landing on the Island prior to the money pitch discovery in 17, 009 95 if so, could it be connected to the massive board Wharf recently on earth at Smiths Cove, which was scientifically proven to have been built in 17. 41 that's nice. This sticker in the bag might, yeah. All right. [00:19:56] Awesome. Let's keep moving. [00:20:00] As Gary, Jack and Peter continue their search for artifacts on lot 27. [00:20:09] Some 300 miles Northeast of Oak Island. Pretty impressive. and historian Doug Kroll arrive in the town of Louisburg to visit the site of what was once a French military fortress. Hey, Sarah. Hello. Good to meet you in person. Hey, to meet you in person to welcome to the fortress of Uzbek national historic site assisting Rick and Doug in their investigation is historian Sarah. [00:20:34] McGinnis. It's a beautiful edifice. It's all inspiring. It's really phenomenally gorgeous. Yes. Yeah, and what you see here is actually only one fifth of what it originally was in the 18th century. Sarah. We have some questions that we're trying to answer on the Island. Over the last couple of years, we've uncovered some structures and we've had a Naval his story and tell us [00:21:00] that perhaps they're temporary siege works of sorts. [00:21:03] So we are hoping, perhaps we find something of the similar nature here and we understand yet some tunnels under the Fort and tunnels under undergrad are a big interest. To us and we're hoping to find something that might be similar. Well, hopefully we can find some answers for you. That'd be great. [00:21:19] That'd be fantastic. And what I'd love to do first, so I'd love to see where the Duke Donville is buried. All right, let's go see him first. These people long ago were committed to building this on such a large scale. They did it because they had to, and that's the key enigma of Oak Island. Sometimes you think, Oh, you know, they couldn't have gone down to the bedrock and the money pit area. [00:21:41] They couldn't have tunneled to Smiths Cove. And then you look at this and you realize it is possible. We'll go into the chapel now. This is where the Duke Danville has been. Buried [00:21:55] in 1749 after Louisburg was returned to the French, the [00:22:00] English took the Duke Danville, who is previously buried in what's now Halifax Harbor, and sent his remains here and they were entired under the alter of the chapel [00:22:13] doula rush for cold is the last word. The Rochefoucauld family has been of interest to us the last couple of years because of some other documents we've been looking at on the Island. We're tracing some possibilities that that family may have had some of the answers for which we seek. Not only was the Duke don't V a member of the Roche McAllen family, which in turn had close associates with members of the Knights Templar. [00:22:39] But the name Rochefoucauld is also featured on a mysterious 14th century map of Oak Island given to Rick Lavina by his close friend. The late author and researcher seen a helper. It is one of three maps that were found in an ancient book. And which suggest that the Rochefoucauld's work in some way directly connected to the [00:23:00] Oak Island mystery. [00:23:02] So is there a crypt beneath here that is accessible? Yeah. It's not a crypt as many people would think of it, but there are a number of burials underneath the chapel. One of the things we were hoping to find or see some original works so that we could see it as it was built in the time. Is there anything like that here? [00:23:18] Definitely. [00:23:26] So the case mates were constructed to protect civilians during times of war, and they were one of the only structures that remained standing after the British destroyed the fortress of Lewisburg between 1760 and 1768 so these are the ones you can get an idea of the construction. Whoa, Rick, come and look at this one. [00:23:47] What's your impression of that? [00:23:53] Drain system. That's what caught my eye. Rick. [00:24:02] [00:24:00] Oh yeah, no, we were talking earlier about controlling your water. It goes up to the dry moat, a stone drain system. Could Rick and Doug be looking at the same kind of water flow system that the Oak Island team has found evidence of over the past three years at Smiths Cove? A water flow system known as a French drain? [00:24:27] Certainly one way to run water off, that's for sure. This is very cool. I can't wait to see what you show us next. Alright, let's go look at that. Fortification that you were wondering. Excellent. I just find it exceedingly strange that the drain system in the original fortifications there certainly have an appearance of some of the structures that we saw in Smith's code. [00:24:53] I just found that more than interesting. So the countermind tunnel was constructed [00:25:00] as a means of defending the fortress. So it's that red door down there. It was made so that it could be filled with powder, and if the enemies were approaching, the powder could explode. And cut off enemy attack [00:25:16] dating back as early as the ninth century BC counterminds or a kind of defensive tunnel, commonly utilized in warfare for the purpose of preventing enemy attempts to dig beneath walls or other fortifications. These countermind tunnels would often be rigged. With booby traps such as explosive powder. [00:25:38] Unfortunately, we can't go in because it's home to a back call on me right now. But one neat thing about the countermind tunnel is that is one of the only features that still in the same condition that it was from the 18th century. It was never destroyed and it hasn't been reconstructed, so it's stuck in time. [00:25:55] It's a lot of work when you think about it, because the land is really marshy. It's a good [00:26:00] ways out. So underground. Then. When they built it, the head have a way to manipulate the water. They had to deal with that. A tunnel one that was built through a marshy waterway. Could it be that the same engineering knowledge used to build the countermind tunnel in the surrounding swamp at Lewisburg was also employed in the construction of Oak Island's elaborate network of booby trapped flood tunnels. [00:26:26] It's what we're constantly amazed that. On the work on Oak Island, right. All the tunneling, all the shops. I mean, the amount of work, you know, a tunnel is a tunnel. Digging underground is digging underground. Interesting. To see the plans. We can definitely look into some plans if you're interested. Be very interested. [00:26:43] Oh, let's head out. Great. [00:26:48] We pulled some plans that we thought you'd be interested in, and these actually show the countermind tunnel while visiting on nearly 300 year old French Naval fortress in Lewisburg, Nova [00:27:00] Scotia, Rick Levina and Doug Kroll had been given the opportunity to examine not only the actual plans of the Fort, but also the system of tunnels that exists beneath it. [00:27:12] So the canter, my tunnel is 180 feet and it's in the shape of a cross without, that was fairly interesting. We have a cross on Oak Island, Nolan's cross, which is a. Collection of precisely arranged folders to form a cross toggles laid out in the shape of a cross have written, Doug just found their first piece of concrete evidence connecting this 18th century French Fort to Oak Island, and more specifically to the megalithic structure discovered in 1981. [00:27:52] Known as Nolan's cross, so you don't know if there's an engineered drawing of the tunnel. It's like a, [00:28:00] sorry. No, not that we know of. But there are some images hold. There are, yeah. So it's hard to tell because of the flooding [00:28:14] that's cool. [00:28:20] Oh, it's gorgeous to do that for 190 feet. That's a significant straight as an arrow. Math comes back and do it again. And we've always, we've always wondered, you know, like the tunnel is that problem. Oh, Kyla. And how were they able to do that? Straight as an arrow? I suppose it just depends on the time and precision you want to put into it, but that goes to [00:28:46] Commanding control because look what was achieved here. Visiting Lewisburg was exceedingly interesting. They were able to manipulate water underground, I. E. specifically to create that [00:29:00] tunnel. So what did they know? How did they come to learn of it, I. moving water? They certainly were able to do it. [00:29:10] Could it be done here on the Island? Well, we don't want to take up anymore of your time. You gave us some great takeaways. There's a tunnel right out here that says you can drive a tunnel in a wet environment and keep it dry. That's interesting. Thank you guys for coming. I can't thank you enough. [00:29:33] one day after his visit. To Lewisburg. This is a paved area, right? There were Billy's digging and Rick Levina and his nephew, Alex, arrive at the triangle shape swamp. Now that the area has once again been drained to the point where it is now safe to begin excavating, they are eager to resume this year's plan to fully reveal the mysterious stone paved walkway discovered earlier this [00:30:00] year. [00:30:02] Hey bell. You know dr Spooner is gonna want to come out and take a look at it. As you dig, maybe you might want to swing some of it over there. This one pile is already there and stride. How deep do you want to dig here? I say we dig until we can't dig any deeper. Yeah, [00:30:24] because the recent hurricane has significantly stirred up the bottom of the swamp. And once again, buried the possible stone walkway, the team will have to carefully dredge out several feet of water and muck without damaging the structure. I have to remove myself. I've got another, uh, errand to run. So if you'll be in Billy's eyes and boots. [00:30:44] Okay. Anything you see that might be all of the ordinary. Yep. Bye. Stop us down. I'll call you. Okay? Yep. Thanks, Alex. [00:30:57] We're going for the whole enchilada, if you [00:31:00] will. We're going to try to expose it in its entirety and hopefully we'll get an idea of the length with. Get a cross section of it and look at it and see how deep it really is. I think we all have some hope that it's much bigger because then cleanse itself to the belief that it's manmade [00:31:24] and belly. That's a lot of stones in the side there. We clean this off. Maybe. Something I would think we're looking for flatness too. I'm not sure. I'll get a little more of that brand stuff off and then we'll pick them all out. See what's there. Sounds good. As Billy Gearhart uncovers the Rocky surface now, Alex, Hey, doing geology is Terry Matheson arrived to help identify if the feature is natural or manmade. [00:31:54] Unfortunately, the waters come up. Quite a bit in here, so you can't see the edges as well. Approximately what depth did you [00:32:00] get the boulders? Probably about five feet below that. Maybe a little bit more at the maximum depth. Okay, so those are probably classics. They're not limestone and they're not the gypsum we find deeper, so I'm surprised to see what I think I were taught in counter and about 120 feet downs. [00:32:20] And the money pit area boulders near the surface that would otherwise be found more than 100 feet underground. Has Terry Matheson just identified potential evidence that the stone paved area is manmade? I'm hoping it'll reveal a little bit more of the wall to you. Let's keep digging as is all about. [00:32:50] As another new day begins on Oak Island. Brett, good to see REO. Rick Regina joins his nephew, Alex geoscientists, [00:33:00] doctor and Spooner and heavy equipment operator. Billy Gearhart. At the swamp where they are continuing their efforts to expose the possible stone walkway having located what they believe to be the outer edge of the structure. [00:33:14] The team is now carefully washing away layers of mud and debris that was deposited during the recent hurricane. There was a lot of water. What is the area that you want to see over here in the paves? Hey, I just want to get very a 10 foot long by the whole window. Section, get it clean. See what it looks like. [00:33:34] The paved areas, certainly a well defined target. We want to remove the organics and the sediments and visually inspect the paved area to ascertain whether there's anything there worth investigating. It looks strange to me, illustrates to me too, so we're in agreement. There's something strange. The main thing about it is. [00:33:55] You've got all these rocks that are all fitting together, and my problem is from a geo point of view, [00:34:00] straight geo, all those rocks, that's not common. It's almost as if the rocks were brought in and I don't, don't quite know why that is very strange. That's the paved area right there. It's fairly flat and fairly consistent. [00:34:18] Is this different enough for you to say. This is natural or the hand of man being introduced here. [00:34:32] It's different enough for me to consider that I would like to clean off like a 10 by 20. CFA is exactly what we see here. [00:34:48] The paved area in the swamp is exceedingly interesting. It truly is an unknown. You know, when we go looking for a shaft here and there, we have some background, we [00:35:00] have some history. This thing. As a material lawyers out of the ether. It's quite uniform. It's level. My initial thought is this is indeed manmade. [00:35:14] Having finally exposed a portion of the Pavestone area, a chap, Hey, Gary. Hey Gary. Rick is called archeologist Laird Nivon down to the site to examine it. So that is the feature that we are troubled by right over there. [00:35:34] It doesn't look like any natural formation. It looks like one to you. It looks like if they've been introduced. You didn't think so. I can't see any natural way for it to get here. So you've never seen anything like this before? No. No. Would you finish this? Yeah. I'll get that water moving bell and then you can remove the rest of this. [00:35:57] Yep. [00:36:06] [00:36:00] My mind rounds too. All the work it took to build this paved area. I've done a lot of stone work, myself and my younger days, and uh, this is an enormous undertaking building. It was probably a lot more difficult than it is uncovering this. But we have to uncover it because we need to know what, when, where, why, and how. [00:36:31] And the hope is that we will be able to investigate it. So here's a thing. I don't know what to make of it. I mean, I think we all. To varying degrees of belief that this is something out of the ordinary, but I do know this. It's just made the swap that much more interesting. Absolutely. So to that end, I think tomorrow morning we'll have another go at it and see what it looks like. [00:36:58] Yeah. [00:37:00] There's something stranger. [00:37:08] That's a puzzle. One day after successfully exposing part of the Pavestone feature at the swamp, Rick, Regina and geoscientists, dr Ian Spooner returned to the site to see what else may have been revealed. Now that even more water has been removed, my issue is if this was just dumped. Mike laced or something like that. [00:37:30] It would be piles. It would be a little less horizontal. You'd see these unrelated bit, but it's straight across. You have to have somebody to do it. In my mind, somebody created a surface, you know, I truly want to send my brother some photographs of this and then I, I'll give him a call. I'm sure he's going to ask your opinion. [00:37:52] I'm certain of that. We have the significant mystery ongoing in the swamp. Because the paved area is [00:38:00] proving to be quite a puzzle within a puzzle. They're all, Hey, morning. What's up? I have dr Spooner here, and we're looking at the so-called paved area. I sent you some photographs, which I think you have. [00:38:15] I'll be honest, my eyes and boots perspective, it's manmade. Uh, there's these layers of stone above the tail. That have no clay around them and yet have swamp sediment around them that has to be manipulated. I can't find a natural process that would've led to this. It's a manipulated site. I've worked in these environments and in a similar environment, but it's nothing like this. [00:38:44] To me. It's like. Somebody came in and put the small rocks on the bottom, just like building a road and then put the bigger rocks on top of that so that I think precise. You don't mind on our other flare, [00:39:00] he said. He has no explanation other than it's manmade. [00:39:13] I don't know. Well, if you go seaward we're on a line, like if you have the eye as a excavated site, if you have this paved area as a filled insight, maybe trying to make a platform something solid. And then if you go seaward, you have the deepest portion of the swamp where it was actually an inlet. It all lines up with the peninsula cutting through it. [00:39:40] And so was this some kind of work surface. If people brought boats in a work surface, like a dock possibly used for boats or ships and located in the middle of the Oak Island swamp, could the team have finally on earth definitive proof that this swamp [00:40:00] was artificially created centuries ago and that his ship or sailing vessel was offloaded here and then sung. [00:40:07] In such a way as to hide all evidence. This is why it is a two lane road. No question about that. It looked pretty interesting. Let's try to figure out a purpose for this thing. I can not then. Right. This is not what I expected to see in how clear the interface is and how orderly the stones look as if they're placed. [00:40:32] I have always thought the swamp held some sort of information. Maybe not everything but something. I mean, it's just very strange. It shouldn't be there. Take another profile, and if you find any evidence of disturbance wall there you, Oh yeah, we can. Thank you for the update and I'll be out there all right. [00:40:51] Take care. For Rick. Marty and their team on earthing, what appears to be a manmade stone [00:41:00] platform or warm in the middle of the swamp is nothing short of historic breakthrough discovery. One that may prove to be just as critical to solving the Oak, either mystery as finding the original money pit, but who built it when and for what purpose. [00:41:19] Those are the questions that weren't answered. Might very well provide the keys to solving the entire Oak Island mystery and could in turn. Change the history not only of North America, but of the world. Next time on the curse of Oak Island, 90 foot stone, the Wolf's new port RFI Rick work at this one. I think we found it. [00:41:43] Yeah. The eye of the swamp. Connects it to the area. It's a really old Tom Olin. That's awesome. Holy Crow. What the heck is this a school? We've taught them the [00:42:00] smoking gun and paved area. There's manmade. Alright.

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