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  1. Correspondent Johan van Haersolte
  2. Bio: "And you may ask yourself, well How did I get here? Letting the days go by" (Talking Heads 1980)

109 M
writed by - Hlynur Palmason
Country - Iceland
resume - In a remote Icelandic town, an off duty police chief begins to suspect a local man for having had an affair with his wife, who recently died in a car accident. Gradually his obsession for finding out the truth accumulates and inevitably begins to endanger himself and his loved ones. A story of grief, revenge and unconditional love

release Date - 2019
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Hvítur hvítur dagur free download full. I look out the window and Winter seems to have taken a vacation lol. Snilld.

Hvítur hvítur dagur free download pdf. Interesting editing and use of Leonard Cohen's song "Memories." The reference to Schumann's wife and Brahms is appropriate and interesting. Hv c3 artur 2c hv c3 adtur dagur free download center. Hv c3 artur 2c hv c3 adtur dagur free download 2017. What song/artist is playing at 1:42. Love love love this song.

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Ég er frá detroit og held það er rósalega flott. Ahhhhhh, it's good to see some of the old winter scenes starting to pop up in the suggested next view it's only mid-August, comes in 40 days or so, and with any luck, by mid-November ALL of us (in the northern hemisphere) will be in the midst of a Similar freak of nature SNOW😎🙏🎅😟. Hv c3 artur 2c hv c3 adtur dagur free download series. Hv c3 artur 2c hv c3 adtur dagur free download price. Hvítur hvítur dagur free download mp3. Looks interesting. Húmor í þessu.

Comon þetta lag. Glad they are finally using the original drawings from creator Charles Addams from his published works from the 1930s way before the tv show and the movies. Hv c3 artur 2c hv c3 adtur dagur free download engine. It Can get pretty cold 🥶 up here in Wisconsin got to. 60 below zero last year. I was born in the middle of a blizzard in Germany. It was dark and cold as hell. And honestly, I miss it. Parchim is such a nice town and I wish I could go back! I never got used to the extreme heat. Especially here in Texas. I fortunately still have a citizenship for Germany, and will go back once I am of age. <3.


Ingumundur lives alone on a desolate farm. He is trying to rebuild his house and is looking after his granddaughter from time to time. He is quiet on the surface, but underneath he is grieving for his recently deceased wife. When a disturbing detail about his wife's past suddenly comes to the surface it threatens to destroy the fragile peace he has created, and affects everyone he loves.
When the movie starts with good few minutes of a car driving down a misty road you know you are in for a long ride. The harsh landscape of the setting is almost a character in the film. It gives the movie almost a magnetic quality. But there's a sense of imminent tragedy lurking underneath it all.
WHITE WHITE DAY tells a seemingly simple story, but is secretive at times, letting the viewers decide for themselves what motivates the characters. And it is often what happens off screen that has the real impact.
The cinematography however goes a bit overboard with still static shots of everchanging nature, as beautiful as they are they quickly turn irritating.
There are wonderful performances from all involved, specifically a tour de force from the lead Ingvar Siggurdson, as he slowly goes to pieces, his anger, pain and frustration tearing him apart on the inside, as he is just sitting there quietly like a bomb ready to go off.
WHITE WHITE DAY has a story to tell and has some interesting characters to match. It is, however first, and foremost an Arthouse film that tries to experiment with cinematography, light and pacing. It also relies on the viewer's attention, but it is a long, slightly depressing movie and not everyone will last the distance. But if you do it is rather rewarding.
Some movies hide the fact that they have little to say beyond the artistic impressions. WHITE WHITE DAY is not such a film.

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